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Here are 3 pretty simple steps to get more fiverr orders and make more money on fiverr using email marketing. These steps are pretty simple, but how you execute on these steps is the challenging part. In this video I mention making a list of 100-200 prospects, that might be enough to score one order, but it might not. The thing to remember with email marketing is that it’s a numbers game. Wash rinse and repeat this process, daily, weekly, or monthly consistently and over time you will definitely see more opportunities and fiverr orders coming your way. If this is your first time leveraging email marketing to make more money online, let me know how it goes in the comments, happy to answer any questions!

Email Marketing Template (Mentioned in this video): FREE Fiverr Sales Template To Get MORE FIVERR ORDERS – https://youtu.be/5Jgu0thZK-s

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3 Steps to Get More Fiverr Orders Using Email Marketing #Shorts

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