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Watch this episode of “Be Unleavable” to find out how to improve retention.

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00:00​ – Preview of Video
00:22​ – Subscriber Churn Stats
01:42 – The First Week
02:11 – Dating Example
03:05 – 2 Big Mistakes
06:49 – Daily Emails Template
13:43 – Conclusion


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For 27 years Robert Skrob has been helping companies all over the world to grow their subscription and membership business revenue, and he’s considered one of the leading member retention specialists in the world.

Robert believes that new member marketing is a wasted expense until you’ve figured out how to ENGAGE and RETAIN subscribers.

In a world where obscenely high churn rates are all too common and even accepted, Robert has created systems and processes to transform “one-night stand” customers into long-term happy members.

Robert lives in Tallahassee, FL with his wife, Kory.

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✉️Business inquiries: rs@robertskrob.com
🖥️Website: https://www.RobertSkrob.com

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